EC-501 - Die Material Metallurgy And Extending Die Life

A two-day program devoted to understanding the basic metallurgy of die materials, including problems, principles, alloying effects, heat treating, die finishing and surface treatments. A special feature will be the die welding portion of the workshop.

Workshop Summary:

Understanding die material metallurgy is critical to extending die life and to effective overall cost reduction. The class will begin with an introduction and will cover improving die life and reducing cost through metallurgy. There will be a review of typical problems, cost and problems analysis and avoidance. Students also will review basic principles of metallurgy; mechanical properties; microstructures; thermal fatigue, stress and strain; effects of alloying elements, alloy chemistries and premium quality specification of steel; heat treating; distortion; die finishing; EDM; stress relief; surface treatments; and welding.


Care & Maintenance of Die Casting Dies
Recommended Procedures for H-13 Tool Steel 

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