EC-420 - Machine Systems

A one to two-day course created from portions of the Process Control course prior to the 2003 version and dedicated to providing a basic understanding of the die casting machine and how it works to Operating Technicians, Die Casting Technicians, Die Casting Engineers, Tooling Engineers and Maintenance personnel. 

It is recommended that anyone taking this course be well grounded in basic shop math and have the equivalent understanding of the die casting process as presented in the NADCA courses on Introduction to Die Casting, Die Casting Machine Safety and Metal Melting and Handling.

Workshop Summary:

The die casting machine consists of three basic mechanical systems (plus the machine controls) to accomplish these tasks. These are: 1) the clamp system; 2) the ejection system, and; 3) the metal injection (i.e. “Shot”) system. These systems are the focus of and described in this course along with instructions for their proper adjustments. Also included are descriptions of how the dies must be properly sized to the machine and how to measure the machine’s performance capabilities.

The course has been created by splitting-off and expanding upon the machine system information that was presented in a previous version of Process Control. It was recognized that the two subjects are tightly related, but the combined subject material is too much for the NADCA course format to present as a single subject, and that the machine systems subject matter is background information for several other branches of study. For example, this two-day Machine Systems course should be considered as prerequisite for further study in Process Control and all aspects of Machine Maintenance (i.e. mechanical, hydraulic and electrical). The material in this course is also essential information when one specifies a die casting machine for purchase, evaluates various machines for possible purchase and/or installs a new machine. This course and accompanying text provides one of the major cornerstones of the NADCA Education Program.


Die Casting Machine Systems

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