EC-415 - Thermal Design and Control

A two-day course designed to teach participants how to calculate the required amount of heat energy to process through a die casting die using the principles of heat transfer.

Workshop Summary:

Controlling the temperature of a die casting die through the location of cooling lines is critical to performance and die life. A properly designed system of water and/or oil lines will process heat energy so the die can be operated productively with the highest part quality possible. An improperly designed cooling system will have detrimental effects on production, quality and die life. During the course, conduction and convection will be used treating the die as a steady-state, one-dimensional heat flow system. Factors for normal losses and external cooling will be discussed. Engineering-based calculations will be used to determine depth and length of cooling channels required to process the amount of heat energy input from the casting process. A procedure for die cooling system design will be established and a summary of general rules and guidelines will be included. Special cooling methods will be covered including bubblers and fountains; thermal pins; and treatment of concave and convex surfaces.


Die Cooling Systems Engineering

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