EC-413 - Die Cast Problem Solving

A two-day course designed to solve difficult die cast problems that can’t be solved through conventional process engineering methods.

Workshop Summary:

This course is specifically designed for die casting by focusing on the interactive nature of the die casting process. The course teaches logical and statistical methods that do not require a strong mathematics background. Prerequisites for this course are a basic understanding of algebra and statistical concepts such as standard deviation and variation. The course includes concepts from the following sources: Dorian Shainin-Statistical Engineering; Ford Motor Co.-Team Oriented Problem Solving; Box, Hunter and Hunter-Statistics for Experimenters; General Motors Co.-Problem Solving Basics; and Taguchi-Design of Experiments. The course will enable improved, data-driven process decision making; promote statistical thinking in regard to process variation; develop an objective defect ranking system for a subjective defect; correlate the process to the defect without preconception.


Die Cast Problem Solving

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