EC-408/9 - Machine Maintenance: Electricity

A two-day program devoted to understanding and implementing a practical approach to circuit design, maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical control systems used in die casting.

Workshop Summary:

This course is designed for those responsible for designing, maintenance and repair of die casting equipment and secondary operations machinery and anyone who comes in contact with control systems during their daily routine. A major emphasis is put on developing troubleshooting skills for both relay logic control systems and programmable controllers. With today’s advanced technology and the use of programmable controllers expanding at an ever-increasing rate, those companies and individuals who are to survive the competition and technological challenges of the future are sure to find a powerful tool in the use and application of PLCs to machine systems and processes.

This course will focus on basic electrical principles; all major components used in the die casting industry; understanding, developing and using electrical schematics for troubleshooting; introduction to programmable logic controllers (PLCs); understanding, developing and programming PLCs; and troubleshooting and maintenance of control systems.


Electrical Controls for Machines

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