EC-406 - Machine Maintenance: Hydraulics

A three-day program devoted to improving the performance of the hydraulic systems in die casting equipment through understanding and applying the principles to effective maintenance programs.

Workshop Summary:

Perhaps no form of power is more universally used than hydraulic power. In die casting equipment, hydraulic systems are an integral part of the process to produce high quality parts within cost parameters. However, it is clear that with increased technology and automation, hydraulic circuits have become much more complex in the way they interact with electro-mechanical-PLC processes. Troubleshooting and maintaining hydraulic components have become all the more important to the successful daily operation of die casting equipment. This workshop is dedicated to understanding and implementing hydraulic principles in troubleshooting and maintenance of hydraulic circuits.

The workshop reviews the definitions and principles that govern how hydraulic processes work, including Pascal’s law, force multiplication, laminar flow-turbulent flow, and basic formulas. Other areas covered include energy inputs and outputs; pressure, directional and flow control valves; auxiliary circuits; hydraulic circuits; and maintenance and troubleshooting. A major feature of the workshop is the opportunity for participants to troubleshoot and problem-solve.


Vickers Industrial Hydraulics Manual
Vickers supplements

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