EC-305 - Metallurgy Of Die Casting Alloys

A one-day workshop dedicated to understanding the properties of aluminum alloys, the significance of constituents and impurities, and the importance of metallurgical structures. The behavior of alloys and solid solutions during and after solidification is examined assuring a practical focus on real-life, everyday metallurgical problems.

Workshop Summary:

This course covers the metallurgical principles involved in aluminum die casting alloys. The level of the course material is aimed primarily at technical and management personnel. Specific items that are covered include alloy specifications; specific roles of alloying silicon, copper, magnesium, iron and minor elements; understanding phase diagrams and microstructures; mechanical properties, heat treating and machining. Extensive presentation and discussion is focused on the role of impurities, analytical techniques for assessing melt cleanliness and subsequent melt treatment. The latter includes the technical/scientific principles of degassing, fluxing/flux injection, modification and filtration. The final segment of the course briefly surveys other casting processes and emerging technology.


High Integrity Aluminum Die Casting

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