EC-302/3 - Metal Melting and Handling

A one-day workshop dedicated to understanding and controlling metal quality and melt temperature, the most important variables in the die casting process. They are essential to control to meet quality and integrity standards.

Workshop Summary:

This course covers basic principles in the melting, handling and melt treatment of aluminum die cast alloys to deliver high quality metal to the die casting machine. The course is intended for melt room personnel, managers, engineers, metallurgists, technicians and quality assurance personnel. However, machine operators and all other die cast shop personnel will benefit from understanding how molten metal handling and quality affects the entire die casting process.

Specific items that are covered include safety in melting and handling; charge materials, practices and features of specific melting furnaces; pouring practices; origins of melt quality problems, including hydrogen absorption, inclusions, dross formation, corundum formation and sludge; and principles and examples of specific melt treatments normally utilized to alleviate these problems, including fluxing, flux injection, degassing and filtration.


Metal Melting & Handling

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