Chapter Operations Manual

  • The Chapter Operations Manual is a guide each Chapter should use, especially with the change of each board, to make sure it is following proper protocol and taking full advantage of NADCA's resources.

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    Table of Contents

    Chapter Meetings

    • Board Meetings
    • Quorums
    • Agendas
    • Membership Meetings
    • Agendas
    • Meeting Rooms/Meal Functions
    • Speakers


    • Filing with National Office
    • Tax Forms
    • Filing with State/Province
    • Insurance
    • Audits
    • Checks/Banking
    • Scholarships

    Chapter Rebate Credit Program

    Chapter Bylaws

    Promoting Chapter Meetings & Events

    • Chapter News/Updates in DCE
    • Picture Formats
    • Deadlines
    • Upcoming Meeting Promotion
    • Getting Chapter Meeting Notices on NADCA's Web site
    • Press Releases
    • Subscription Requests


    • Running a Chapter Course
    • Number per Year
    • Most Popular Courses
    • Scheduling
    • Charging for Attendance
    • Post Course Follow-up
    • Costs of a Course
    • Cancellation Policy
    • Certification
    • Testing
    • Selection of Instructor

    Chapter Rosters

    • Who?
    • What?
    • Issuance and Format
    • Printing Labels and Exporting 
    • Privacy Notice