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A list of courses offered by NADCA in chronological order.

Course Descriptions
Brief, detailed descriptions of courses taught at NADCA and in-plant classes. Each description also contains information regarding textbooks, materials used and other.

Certification Program
A complete text featuring what steps are necessary to attain Certification from NADCA. Course electives and requirements are listed.

Biographies and photographs of individuals who instruct NADCA's courses and in-plant conferences. An excellent introduction to the caliber of people NADCA utilizes for its education programs.

Local Courses
There are NADCA education and training chapters located throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Chapters are an extension of NADCA's education and training, and most offer selected NADCA national courses and programs locally . . . thus, expanding the technology transfer opportunities for every die caster. Chapters also offer a range of other technological and operational education programs specifically selected and tailored to the needs of die casters and suppliers in their chapter areas.

In-Plant Programs
All NADCA programs, courses and installations can be brought to the worksite for presentation. The cost in savings and scheduling advantages can be substantial!

In-House Programs
NADCA is now offering the "In-House Training Program for Operators and Technicians!" The In-House approach responds to the need of die casters to have control of the schedule, content and cost of training. It is a multi-module program that is highly cost-effective.

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  • November 28 2017
    PQ2: Bernoulli’s Equation 11/28/2017 Continuing from the PQ2 Overview this course looks at the requirements and math behind the PQ2 tool. Specifically, how Bernoulli’s equation relates the requirements and process parameters to pressure and flow rate. This course will allow a die cast engineer to create a PQ2 graph for a casting and machine. Add to Calendar
  • November 29 2017
    PQ2: The Gating Equation 11/29/2017 Continuing from PQ2 Bernoulli’s Equation this course introduces The Gating Equation. Revised by Professor Al Miller in 2015, The Gating Equation uses the basic physical properties of the alloy and process to calculate the time it takes for the metal to solidify in the die cavity. This allows the optimal gate area to be calculated for the casting. This will be a detailed look at where the inputs come from and the steps to work through The Gating Equation. Add to Calendar
  • December 12 2017
    Gating: Overview 12/12/2017 Gates and runners determine how quickly metal enters the cavity and how it flows. This session will introduce the concept of gating design. It will take a look at how to select a location for the gate(s), how to break a complex cavity into zones, and how to distribute the gate area. It will also look at general flow patterns from fan and tangent gates. Math will be kept to a minimum. Add to Calendar
  • December 13 2017
    Gating: Metal In, Air Out 12/13/2017 Metal is pushed from the shot sleeve or nozzle through the runner or sprue and into the cavity. To prevent air from getting trapped in the metal the runner system needs to be properly designed and outgates, overflows, and vents need to be sufficient and correctly placed. This session will look at designing a runner system, sizing the gate (utilizing the atomization equation), and placing and sizing of outgates, overflows, and vents. Add to Calendar
  • December 14 2017
    Gating: Runner Geometry Construction 12/14/2017 Runner geometry controls the angle at which the metal flows through the gate. It also prevents metal flow from becoming turbulent and trapping air. Building off the Gating: Overview and Gating: Metal In, Air Out this session will review the equations used to design the runner geometry of fan and tangent gates. A basic understanding of trigonometric functions is recommended. Add to Calendar
  • December 19 2017
    Train the Trainer Course 12/19/2017 Add to Calendar
  • January 8 2018
    NADCA National Classes - Winter 2018 01/08/2018 Add to Calendar