MAGMASOFT® Training Engineer

We are looking for an adult educator to join our MAGMAacademy team. The person will facilitate, conduct and administer training programs at MAGMA Foundry Technologies.  We provide the leading casting process simulation software MAGMASOFT® to the North American foundry industry. We are seeking a highly motivated trainer who wants to work in a fun, rewarding environment teaching high-tech software to a diverse clientele. This person will also be asked to assist with other related projects such as meetings and seminars. 

Job Duties:

- Teach basic training courses for all casting process modules of MAGMASOFT® covering all industry relevant casting processes:
     o Gravity sand and permanent mold casting
     o Low and high pressure die casting
     o Investment casting
- After a reasonable acclimation period, teach intermediate level courses
- Teach advanced module specific courses after sufficient knowledge has been gained  
- Preparation of training hardware, geometry, training manuals, sample projects and post-course wrap-up/evaluation  
- Work closely with customers at the initial contact stages and be able to provide additional course recommendations, registration information, and evaluate/assess their current skill set   
- Communicate to Account Managers the trainees performance and circumstances/culture at trainee’s employer
- Communicate to Training Manager any inconsistencies with hardware, software or training materials or any issues related to customer feedback  
- Create video & online tutorials to supplement in-house training sessions
- Occasional travel to customer sites both domestic and abroad for training sessions and meetings   
- Over time, the scope of this position may change as the employee gains knowledge of both casting processes and simulation technology, however, this is primarily a training position.  


-  B.A. or B.S. in an Engineering, Technology, Industrial Education or a Manufacturing related field
-  Public speaking skills
-  Ability to be engaging, friendly, tolerant and entertaining in a training environment
-  Interest in the field of metalcasting


MAGMASOFT® experience, experience in the field of metalcasting or die casting, CAD experience, experience with simulation tools, experience with gating/rigging/tooling of castings, casting design, casting defect analysis, casting costing
- Spanish language skills

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