MORESCO Seeks Support Chemist 


Chemist to provide product and sales support for lubricant manufacturer in the metalworking industry.  

1. Assist sales staff in understanding and promoting MORESCO products and technology.
2. Develop formulations/reformulations of MORESCO products as required by customers.
3. Provide onsite support for MORESCO products in customer processes.
4. Establish, maintain and improve MORESCO manufacturing processes.  
5. Assist in searching, selecting and qualifying raw materials. 
6. Assist in small production batches and repacking in the plant and warehouse.
7. Prepare technical reports for use by engineering personnel in Sales or Technical service activities.

Requires 6 – 10 years of hands-on experience working in the metalworking industry with die casting lubes and processes.  Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry required.  Must have outstanding verbal and written communications skills and be good at working with people. To apply please contact