Online Education System



NADCA’s Education division is excited to announce the launch of its new Online Education System. Online education and training offers students the convenience of taking courses anywhere and the ability to complete courses at their own pace. In addition, companies and individuals can save money on travel expenses and reduce time away from the office. NADCA’s new Online Education System integrates NADCA webinars as well as previously offered online courses.



Each course contains a video presentation, PDF of the slides shown, additional resources and when applicable, the option to test your knowledge on the course viewed.



In addition, NADCA has recently created some new features and purchasing options for the Online Education System. 

  • Job Function Kits - Based on your job function or the job function of your employees we have developed a number of “kits” based on courses that are relevant for each position. The pricing for each kit varies based on the number of courses it contains.
  • Administrative Testing Options - A feature that allows the administrator to track an employee(s) progress on course completion by monitoring grade on completed tests. Grade recording and tracking can be added to each course purchased for an additional $50 per student.  


Interested in Seeing How the Education System Works?


NADCA has granted free access to the following courses to better acquaint yourself with the new system. 


Test Your Current Knowledge of Die Casting
NADCA’s Die Casting Challenge has also been integrated into our new Online Education system. The Die Casting Challenge will assess your knowledge of various aspects of die casting and help you in determining your strengths and weaknesses. To take the Die Casting Challenge click here.

Training Blocks

Currently training block are only being offered to NADCA Corporate Members. NADCA currently has three training blocks that we are offering.  Operator Training, Engineering and Management.  These blocks consist of the following courses. 

Individual Courses
Individual courses are available for purchase through the Marketplace. Simply search by topic or title in the search bar or scroll through the different sections by viewing the block titles under category within the Marketplace.